adapter for composiite video signal
Adapter for S/PDIF or Composite Video (ABI-AC1003S00)
RCA (Cinch) to RJ45 adapter for S/PDIF or Composite video

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RCA (Cinch) to RJ45 adapter with a built in impedance transformer balun 75 to 100 Ohm.
It can be used to transmit or receive over twisted pair cable:
*  a digital audio coaxial S/PDIF signal
* an analog Composite Video baseband signal over twisted pair cable.

S/PDIF is the common digital audio interface found on a majority of consumer electronics AV equipment like Tv sets, home theater amplifiers, mediaplayers, active speaker and active subwoofer systems.

CVBS is the legacy analog AV interface found on consumer TV sets, camcorders, VCR's, etc.

- S/PDIF:  typical up to 200m on Cat6 F/FTP or S/FTP cable
- CVBS: typical up to 40m on Cat6 F/FTP or S/FTP cable

Dimensions:WxHxD (mm): 16,7x33,2x52,2
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