TV-over-Twisted-Pair RF amplifier - CableTV and Terrestrial - 3 ports (ABI-EV4003SCA)

This 1.000MHz wideband RF coax-to-twisted pair TV amplifier is the hub for the small-to-medium size flat or house

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This 1.000MHz wideband RF coax-to-twisted pair TV amplifier is the hub for the small-to-medium size flat or house for
- coaxial network CableTV signals with or without in-band return path for interactive services (DVB-C)
- aerial-based television and radio channels (FM, analog VHF-UHF, DVB-T)

Input coax port:
The amplifier’s input accepts broadband FM and TV signals in the range between 88 and 1.000MHz. The port also carries return path signals in the reverse direction in a band between 5MHz and 65MHz for use on Docsis compliant CableTV networks.

Output RJ45 ports:
The combination FM/VHF/UHF (extended to 1.000MHz) is offered on three RJ45 connectors that can be connected via OmniMedia cable to RJ45 wall outlets. Ports 2 and 3 carry back in-band return path signals for interactive digital TV services.

The amplifier's gain can be turned down 20dB with a potentiometer on top of the housing, in case the input coaxial signal is too high.

The amplifier is built inside the VertiGo aluminium housing and can be mounted on a DIN rail either at an angle of 45° or vertically, or laid flat on a shelf. This enables the use inside residential and industrial DIN rail enclosures, mounted on a wall,  inside a 19" rack or placed on a tabletop or shelf.
The sturdy extruded aluminium housing provides exceptional thermal conduction, effectively cooling the electronics, and protection from Electromagnetic interference and Electrostatic Discharge.

The amplifier comes supplied with the appropriate power supply model  ABI-PS4018S03.
- 1 F coax input:  DS Aerial or CableTV and US return path
- RJ45 port nr 1:      88-1000MHz downstream
                                6-23dB gain; 20dB level adjustment
                                max output 106dBµV
- RJ45 ports 2 & 3:  88-1000MHz downstream
                               3-20dB gain; 20dB level adjustment
                                max output103dBµV
                                 5-65MHz upstream return path, 7dB loss

- Max. Link length on OmniMedia HD1000 cable:
      Full TV band:           DVB-C >=40m, DVB-T >=50m
      Single TV channel:  DVB-C >=70m, DVB-T>=200m
- 5 DIN positions wide
- 18V 0,3A power supply included (ABI-PS4018S03)

Standards compliance:
- Safety: EN60065
- EMI: EN50081-1 & EN50082-1
- Immunity test voltage    contact discharge 4kV, air discharge 8kV
- RoHS compliance: 2002/95/EC
- WEEE compliance: 2002/96/EC

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