Xcel pro+ Aluminium cabinet with transparant door - 3 DIN-rails - 93 positions (ABI-HE3060S03)

DIN-rail cabinet, full-aluminium design,. 3 DIN-rails, 93 positions

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These network enclosures set new standards for home networking.  The full-aluminium design combines professional quality, robustness and elegance.  With an unprecedented 31 DIN positions per rail for a width of 60 cm, these are the most efficient enclosures in the market.  The plexiglass door with aluminium frame is reversible, in just over a minute you can convert from clockwise to anti-clockwise opening.  The optional LED lighting adds an extra touch of styling to the cabinet.
Installation consists of a quick and easy sequence of just a few handlings.  The rear-chassis was designed with extra attention to accessibility and rigidity: a wide and open structure, and ample space behind the DIN rails ensure easy cable routing, mounting of connectors and modules. The front panel and separator panels are removable without having to disconnect the patch cords. This way adding extra modules and implementing changes can be done while the system stays up and running.  The cabinets are stackable, a multitude of closable feed through ports for installation cable and for patch cords are standard.  Thanks to two individual label sections for each DIN rail, you will achieve a neat and well documented system time and again.

- Full aluminium construction
- 3 DIN-rails - 93 positions total
- Colour: natural anodised aluminium
- Cabling depth: 50mm
- Reversible polycarbonate/alu door
- 2 label sections per rail
- feedthrough ports for installation cable:  5
- feedthrough ports for patchcords : 3
- stackable with other ABI-HE3060Sxy cabinets
- optional internal LED lighting kit

Dimensions:WxHxD (mm): 604x557x170
Net weight (kg/unit) :    9,1kg
Gross weight (kg/unit):  10kg