OmniMedia HD 1000
OmniMedia HD 1000 Residential cable - 100m spool (ABI-KP1004S001)

Superior 4 pair 1.000 MHz installation cable optimised for home networking use.

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Superior 4 pair 1.000 MHz  installation cable optimised for home networking use. The design has been optimised to work seamlessly with OmniMedia HD RJ45 connectors and HD patch cords, essential to give the added comfort of a total system applications guarantee.  
Compatible with CableTV DVB-C and Terrestrial DVB-T standards, with HDMI and AV equipment from the major vendors, with 10 GIGABIT Ethernet data signals and with all residential analog and digital telephony signals.
Very low skew between the pairs gives extra margin for Gigabit Ethernet and for HDMI distribution up to Ultra-HD 8K resolution.
Reduced diameter and bending radius facilitate cable laying and termination in wall boxes.
Can also be delivered in flex tube of 16mm O.D., 250m drums under partnumbers ABI-KP1004S102

System performance:
90m equivalent to Cat6
50m equivalent to Cat7A
- F/FTP construction, outer aluminium RF foil
- Halogen free construction (LSZH)
- Category 6: IEC 61156-5, EN 50288-5-1, EIA/TIA 568
- Class E permanent link: ISO/IEC 11801 (2-2009), EN 50173-1 (2009)
- Grade 3: NF C 15-100, UTE C 90-483
- Impedance@100MHz: 100 Ohm+/- 15%
- Propagation velocity@10MHz: 0,78*C (NVP*C)
- Propagation Delay 10-600MHz: 5,3 ns/m
- Delay Skew: 3 ns/35m
- Coupling attenuation: better than 75dB
- Outer jacket: White (RAL1013) LSZH material
- Operating temp.: -20°C to +60°C
- Installation temp.: 0°C to +50°C
- Minimum bend radius: >= 60mm
- Max tensile strength: 100N
- Outer diameter: 7,5mm nominal
- Weight: 48kg/km

Standards compliance:
- Shielding Efficiency: EN50083 Class C
- Interference: EN 55022 Class B
- EMI: EN 55024
- LSZH construction CPR class Cca - s1a, d1, a1
- IEC60754-1/EN50267-2 / UEC60754-2/EN50267-2-2
- EN50575:2014+A1:2016
- ROHS 2011/65
- Reach 1907/2006EC

Net weight (kg/unit) :    4,8kg
Gross weight (kg/unit):  4,8kg
Packaging:  Spool